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Preserving the heritage of Banff Airfield, Scotland


Visiting Aircraft

The airfield is once again available for visiting aircraft with the opening of a grass strip in a field just South of the old main East West runway.

Please download the latest edition of the Boyndie Plate (Eff 12/03/2022) for full details.

Peter, the first arrival (26/07/2015) from Peterhead Longside

Bruce and Edith, also from Peterhead Longside

The old Control Tower is situated right beside the new strip.

Food is available between 10:00 and 16:00 local (except Mondays and Tuesdays) at the Boyndie Centre, about a 20 minute walk through the old airfield. Please see the Walking Map for directions from the strip. See the "Quick Link" on the right for more details.

Taxi collections can be arranged from the Boyndie Centre car park. Closest Taxi is "Harbour Cabs" Tel: 07977 845664

The airstrip is only available when not under crop, and sheep graze the strip at certain times of year, so whilst PPR is not essential we recommend you make contact before setting off to avoid a possible wasted journey and a diversion. Details on the plate.

Latest weather available from https://app.weathercloud.net/#6441769584

Please address any queries to: contact@rafbanfftrust.org



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