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Preserving the heritage of Banff Airfield, Scotland


RAF Banff Strike Wing Memorial

"This memorial commemorates the men and women who served with the six multi-national squadrons which formed the Banff Strike Wing at R.A.F. Banff between September 1944 and May 1945. Under the command of group captain the Hon. Max Aitken the mixed Mosquito and Beaufighter units mounted concentrated attacks on German surface vessels and U-boats in the North Sea and along the Norwegian coast.

Their success in the closing months of World War II was important in the defeat of Germany and strike wing aircraft operating from the airfield near here inflicted heavy damage on enemy shipping and supply routes. Many thousands of tons of vital iron ore and other supplies were lost to the German forces as a result of rocket and cannon attacks carried out by this gallant strike wing. Losses amongst R.A.F. commonwealth and Norwegian squadrons were high. More than 80 aircrew gave their lives flying with the R.A.F. Banff Strike Wing."

The memorial was designed by Leslie Barlow Taylor as one of the trustees of the "RAF Banff Strike Wing Memorial Association" and was built by funds raised from ex-servicemen and women based at Banff, and by donations from The Beaverbrook Foundation etc. The plaques were designed so that they would revert to 'natural patina' that is, a green colour, which in effect protects the bronze from long-term corrosion. On the reverse plaques, are drawn an outine map of the airfield, and also of the two main warplanes used at the base, the Mosquito and Beaufighter.

The additional small stone marks the achievements of number 14(Pilot) advanced flying unit, who were based there from 1943 until the strike wing moved in during late 1944. A roll of honour (entirely hand calligraphy) was placed in St. Mary's Church Banff, containing the names of over 80 aircrew who died from Banff's runways in the last nine months of the war.

It is located on the South side of the A98 near Portsoy on the Banff to Portsoy road.


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